TensorFlow Neural Network Playground in Matlab

The amazing website http://playground.tensorflow.org  can help you open a Neural Network on your Web Browser. The GUI is mind blowing, and you could download all the codes to study or to build your own project.

Now,   The Good News!  Amro and Ray Phan have created the MATLAB version of the NN playground, it looks just like the GUI of the Tensorflow version. However, it is not tensorflow-based, it is built on the Neural Networks Toolbox of Matlab (>R2009b). The authors said they are inspired by the [TensorFlow Neural Networks Playground] interface readily available online, so they created a MATLAB implementation of the same Neural Network interface for using Artificial Neural Networks for regression and classification of highly nonlinear data. Continue reading “TensorFlow Neural Network Playground in Matlab”

Python For Data Science (Cheat Sheets Collections)

PDF Download: Python For Data Science

Here is the list:

  1. Numpy
  2. Matplotlib
  3. Scikit-Learn
  4. SciPy-Linear Algebra
  5. Pandas

When you doing the programming this is very helpful, cheers 🙂

Python Cheat Sheets Conbination_Page_1

Continue reading “Python For Data Science (Cheat Sheets Collections)”

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