How to start a science paper from a beginner

An article begins with the Title, Abstract, and Keywords.

The article text follows the IMRAD format, which responses to the question below:

  • Introduction: What did you/other do? Why did you do it?
  • Methods: How did you do it?
  • Results: What did you find?
  • And
  • Discussion: What does it all mean?

The main text is followed by the Conclusion, Acknowledgements, References and Supporting Materials.

You may wonder all these items are the same, what is the shortcut ?

OK, be prepared, I gonna tell you the truth.

The only way to write a good science paper is to find a good supervisor/advisor!

You can read all the instruction about writing and format, they wouldn’t work. That is the reason why you need a supervisor/advisor, a professor or expert who has been doing this for his or her whole academic time and has published good papers. This is the only way you can learn with the feedback about your writing.




Stay Awesome and  Work Hard!

The most important: Do Not Be Lazy!



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