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In Processing:

  • Finalizing a paper about an ensemble approach with evolving techniques for on-line Industry application (streaming data modeling). It is very promising to be accepted soon on a journal (IF>6).
  • More machine learning application and case study for Asset Management, Water, Traffic, Infrastructure and Power System Applications.


  1. C.Cui, PhD Thesis  “Randomized Ensemble Learning with Heterogeneous Features for Large-Scale Data Analytics, 2018/10, La Trobe University, Chapters 1, 2 and 6.
  2. C.Cui, Master ThesisAcoustic Communication Technology Inside Oil Pipelines for Wellbore Control Engineering“, 2014/05, Harbin University of Science and Technology, (made public on CNKI 2020/05).

Journal and Conference:   

  1. D. Wang and C. Cui, “Stochastic configuration networks ensemble with heterogeneous features for large-scale data analytics“,Information Sciences, (417) 55-71, 2017. (IF 4.8)
  2. C. Cui and D. Wang, “High dimensional data regression using Lasso model and neural networks with random weights“, Information Sciences, (372) 505-517, 2016. (IF 4.8)
  3. C.Cui, Y. Zhang, S. Yang, “The design of the Light-guided Car by Using Arduino Control Board“,  Automation Instrumentation, 32 (9), 5-7, 2011.
  4. D. Jia, C.Cui and S. Wang, “Propagation properties of acoustic waves inside periodic pipelines“, Information Sciences, (275) 360-369, 2014. (IF 4.8)
  5. D. Jia, X. Pei, H. Liu, C. Cui, Y. Yu, M. Liu, “A Novel DC Power Line Carrier Technology for the Technological Process of Water Distributor in Water Injection Well“, International Journal of Smart Home, 8 (6), 37-44, 2014. (IF 0.56)
  6. D. Jia, Y. Wang, C. Cui,”A new de-drift filter based on elimination method for periodic signals being long-period integrated“,  ICIC express letters. Part B, Applications: an international journal of research and surveys, 4(5), 1205-1211, 2013. (IF 0.29)
  7. C. Ding, C. Wei, T. Gu, C. Cui, “Study on propagation model of network public opinion based on fuzzy cellular automata“, International Conference on Measurement, Information, and Control (ICMIC), (2) 1099-1013, 2013. (IF 0.29)
  8. D. Jia,  M. Liu, C. Cui “The research of acoustic propagation characteristics in the periodic oil pipes“, International Conference on Measurement, Information, and Control (ICMIC),   (2) 1103-1106, 2013.
  9. D. Jia, S. Xu, Y. Wang, C. Cui, “Control strategy of flow on single layer of injection well“,   International Conference on Measurement, Information and Control  (ICMIC),  (2) 765-768, 2012. 
  10. W. Zhong,  D. Liu, C. Cui, T. Zhou. “Design of FIR Filter in Structural Health Monitoring System.” Journal of Harbin University of Science and Technology (5) 013 2011. 

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