MathWorks: Introducing Machine Learning

I personally organised the resources about machine learning ebooks from MathWorks and merged those files into two pdf files for sharing :).

These slides are well designed and inspiring for learners to obtain a basic understanding of machine learning. Besides, if you are teaching and preparing a short course about the introduction of Machine Intelligence or Deep Learning,  there pdfs provide very good frameworks to follow.

PDF download link (June 2017):

All the credits belong to MathWorks and I strongly suggest readers register on it. Here is the ebook Link. 

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Here is the quick view of the slides.

Matlab Machine Learning_Page_01Matlab Machine Learning_Page_02Matlab Machine Learning_Page_03Matlab Machine Learning_Page_04Matlab Machine Learning_Page_05Matlab Machine Learning_Page_06Matlab Machine Learning_Page_07Matlab Machine Learning_Page_08Matlab Machine Learning_Page_09Matlab Machine Learning_Page_10Matlab Machine Learning_Page_11Stay Awesome!



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