Ensemble Methods: Foundations and Algorithms

Ensemble learning is a kind of state-of-the-art machine learning method. It is well known that an ensemble is usually more accurate than a single learner, and ensemble methods have already achieved great success in many real-world tasks.

Here, I recommend a book of Ensemble Learning written by Professor Zhi-Hua Zhou (https://cs.nju.edu.cn/zhouzh/).

Here is the book on Amazon:

  title={Ensemble methods: foundations and algorithms},
  author={Zhou, Zhi-Hua},
  publisher={CRC press}

I know it is very a very expensive book and it is illegal to share it openly. But, I guess nowadays, it is a common sense that every book has its pdf version online right?  :P.  That is the reason why we love the internet. But it is unfair for the authors to spend a lot of time and energy to write a good book,  I suggest readers do the right things.

Gook luck with your study!

Here is a small tip for your convenience:  Google the book.





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