Google’s AlphaGo played as Master won more than 50 straight games against the world’s top Go players online

News Source: Google’s AlphaGo AI secretively won more than 50 straight games against the world’s top Go players; and Twitter.

Deepmind founder Demis Hassabis, whose London-based AI startup was acquired by Google in 2014, later confirmed on Twitter that Master is a new version of AlphaGo under “unofficial testing.”

As a very low-rank Go player (Zero Dan :P), this is a stunning news.

However, the good side is that we human now have a new teacher of Go. There maybe more jobs and opportunities for people who works in computer science. Cheers!

More to say, I am not worried about that one day the machine will take over the human and make us their slaves or batteries like the movie “Matrix”. Because all the machines are trained by us, we are the source of intelligence, we create the big data as their food, we make new computer hardware, and software as their body and mind, we fix them when something is not working as doctors, etc., without human, machine can not live.

However, there is an opposite view of AI, please watch this TED speech for details.


Time will tell who is right!


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